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The sellers of 1206 Balmora Street Lafayette, Colorado know how hard it is to get the right and enough support for your family. Because of this they used their non-profit donation to the Sister Carmen Community Center.

Sister Carmen Community Center is a place where people can go for assistance for individual and family services. They want to provide families and individuals the resources that can support their efforts towards achieving economic stability. They are a non-profit organization that has been serving East Boulder’s community for over 30 years. They utilize a strength-based approach in working with participants and they recognize that everyone has a collection of strengths. Sister Carmen Community Center has many programs that refer to helping their participants reach Self Sufficiency. They know that people need people and that is what they are there for. 

They are recognized as an official Family Resource Center and are associated with the Family Resource Center Association of Colorado. A family resource center provides a safe, accessible place for families to connect with comprehensive, coordinated services. Doing this helps them strengthen their families and become more self-reliant. Programs at Sister Carmen Community Center are tailored to the culture, resources and needs of their community, and focus on building on the strengths of each family and individual. 

They have many goals that they strive to achieve:

  • Ensuring that the residents in their community have access to nutritious food, a healthy lifestyle, and mental health support
  • Prevent homelessness and improve access to stable housing
  • Support participants in advocating for themselves and their families to attain economic stability and enhance their connection to the community
  • Ensure that children in East Boulder County have access to comprehensive health care services, proper nutrition, and a safe and supportive home environment
  • Strengthen families and their community

Their core values are:

  • Make Sister Carmen Community Center a hate-free zone
  • Serve without discrimination
  • Act and speak with honesty, accuracy, and truthfulness
  • Strive to understand and respect during all aspects of communication
  • Create a climate of caring and mutual understanding
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality
  • Accept responsibility for consequences for their own communication and actions

Sister Carmen Community Center currently has 25 dedicated full and part-time employees. They have an extraordinary 300 plus volunteer base and a dedicated community of donors. They collaborate and partner with dozens of local agencies in their community. Sister Carmen Community Center continue to flourish and grow each year. They serve thousands of households annually through their programs.

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