Mackintosh AcademyThe buyers at 1789 Pioneer Circle in Lafayette, CO know how important it is to support our local schools.  They used their non-profit donation for Mackintosh Academy.  Their vision it to nurture the minds and hearts of gifted children so that they can contribute the a world that needs them.  Mackintosh Academy not only addresses the the mind, but also the heart and bodies of their students.

They believe it is important for the whole person to be open to new ideas and perspectives and this is why they also focus on the social and emotional aspects of their students.

At Mackintosh Academy they believe that questions are as important as the answers.  This inquiry based system encourages students to never stop asking why.

They have 2 campuses, one in Boulder and one in Littleton.  To learn more about Mackintosh click here.



lafayette co

Lafayette CO

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Westminster Ranch Home for Sale

Westminster Ranch Home for Sale

8910 Hunter Way, Westminster Colorado SOLD   Offered at $325,000     Contact Misty Deiparine directly for more information, or to setup a showing. Welcome to 8910 Hunter Way located in Shaw Heights.  This 3 bedroom 1 bathroom cozy brick home...

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