Cost saving and energy conserving programs

from Boulder and Adams County

Deadlines to participate:

  • Nov. 6 for solar
  • Sept. 30 for electric vehicle purchases


Boulder County, Colo. — Adams, Boulder and Denver Counties are teaming up to launch Solar Benefits Colorado, a first-of-its-kind program that offers discounts to encourage many Front Range homeowners to go solar, as well as offering a special discount for purchasing electric vehicles.

“Solar Benefits Colorado is a great opportunity to make solar simple and more affordable than ever. Boulder County is excited to work with our program partners to expand this program so more Front Range homeowners can participate,” says Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones.

The 2015 Solar Benefits Colorado program is available for homeowners living in metro areas of the Northern Front Range.

Solar Installation

Qualified homeowners receive a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation to determine if their home is suitable for solar. Homeowners will then work with a local solar installer, Sunrun, who was selected by the program’s community evaluation committee. The committee followed a rigorous process that vetted multiple potential vendors. Compounding multiple customer installations under one umbrella – Solar Benefits Colorado – allows Sunrun to offer discounted, “bulk” pricing. To take advantage of the volume discount, participants must sign a contract with Sunrun by Nov. 6, 2015. Residents can request their home evaluation on the Solar Benefits Colorado website.

Electric Vehicle Purchase or Lease

The same “bulk” purchasing premise is at play with electric vehicle purchases, as it is with solar installation. Boulder Nissan was selected as the primary dealer working with Solar Benefits Colorado to offer volume discounts. To take advantage of discounted pricing for electric vehicles, residents must obtain a promotional code by signing up on the program website and taking it to Boulder Nissan by Sept. 30. Purchasing or leasing a new Nissan Leaf is eligible for discount pricing. “Solar Benefits Colorado is helping these communities build awareness, lower solar costs, and lead on climate action in one fell swoop. We are proud to be working with multiple partners to help their residents invest in solar, improve air quality and human health and build a better energy system one rooftop or car at a time,” said Susie Strife, Boulder County Sustainability Coordinator. For more information, visit

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