Baseline Lake

baseline lakeBaseline Lake Boulder CO, located on Baseline Road just East of Cherryvale Road. The lake itself is private and can be accessed by members only. There are different levels of membership available on a long wait list. Some homes have memberships to the beachfront area where you are allowed to picnic and swim. I have heard that the wait list for this level of membership is about 3 years. There is also a membership where you have permission to waterski on the lake! However, I have heard that those memberships are on a 30 year wait list!

Around Baseline Lake there are a few surrounding neighborhoods that feel like one community. These sub-neighborhoods include Ridglea Hills, Crestmoor and Baseline Heights. There are only about 270 homes in this area and some of them do have access to the lake. Note that living in the community does not guarantee membership to the lake. Only about 125 families have memberships to swim at the lake. Guests can be invited by people with memberships and must be accompanied by the membership holder. south boulder coMembers of the lake are also required to help guard the entrance from outside guests. This is a requirement because Baseline Lake is a source of drinking water for the City of Lafayette! Swimming is open from about May 15th through October first annually. Swimming is permitted between the hours of 9am-9pm.

So as you can see membership to the lake isn’t granted to each and every household. One thing that the HOA is trying to do now that membership requests are increasing is to split the ownership of a membership between two homes. That also splits the responsibility associated with the membership, like guarding the lake from outside guests who are not members. I’ve heard that many homes also hire teenagers to be the guard if its during a weekday that they cannot uphold personally. Be sure to ask clearly about the memberships if you are considering a purchase in this area. The wait list is about 3 years long and the cost is around $300 per year.

Real Estate Market

The neighborhoods surrounding the lake are very unique. Homes are not uniform and take many different shapes, forms, and have varying levels of updating. The quality of house can be from totally revamped and completely updated to more modest and holding to the original construction. Therefore prices range greatly in the community . Between January 2014 and June of 2015 there were 11 properties sold in the community. The prices ranged from $530,000 for a house with 1920 square feet to $1,158,000 for a 5000 square foot house. So you can see the range! Lots are also generally larger in this area. That is nice for gardening and keeping to the natural feel of the community.


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Baseline Lake
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