Sunbeam Farm Dinners 2018

Join us for a Farm Dinner!

Leanne, Drew and many of your favorite TrailRidge REALTORS will be attending one or more of the farm dinners listed below. These are annual summer events that we look forward to so very much because of the atmosphere, quality of food and friends by our side.

Sunbeam Farms is such a special, local farm off of Cherryvale between Arapahoe and Baseline. The dinner is set in the farm itself under an awning to help with incliment weather, if it happens. It also helps to keep the sun off of you if its very warm. The table is always set with fresh flowers from the garden in a communal style so that you get to know your neighbors.

The food is absolutely divine! The chef uses many items from the farm itself or other local growers. You can feel assured that all of your most healthful and hopeful dreams for food preparation will be taken care of and it will all be delicious.

Here is information on how you can join in on the fun this year:

Message from Farmer Dennis: 

Hello Sunbeams,

We hope you are having a great summer. We are happy to extend to you an invitation to join us on the Farm at one of our Farm-to-Table Dinners! Chef Juliette is back and will be making some incredible food. We hope to see you there!

Attached is a jpg of the menus. The dates of the Dinners are 8/25, 9/8, 9/22. BYOB. $50/person. Payment reserves your seat. Space is limited.

Pay by dropping cash or a check to the Farm Stand. Or, pay via PayPal to this email address ( Please select “personal payment”

– – – – – – – – – –

Also, Palisade Peaches are IN. We have amazing Peaches for sale at the Farm Stand at only $3/lb!! Tree-ripened, no pesticides. So sweet and ready to eat. Get them while they are here!

We will have fresh vegetables daily starting this week at the Farm Stand. So stop by for incredible eggs and delicious local produce grown with love for YOU.

Thank you as always!

We Love Lafayette Colorado

We Love Lafayette

we love lafayetteThank you to everyone who told us what they love about Lafayette Colorado! Lafayette is an amazing city that still continues to grow rapidly. We gathered what people had to say about Lafayette so that you can have more ease in choosing where you want to live. If you want to add something, comment below and we’ll add it.

“We love the great selection of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and of course breweries!” – Keri G.
“We love…. The incredible views from Waneka Lake and walking with our dogs there every day!” – Kayla S.

waneka-lake“We love that Lafayette embraces it’s ‘funky’ side, lots of great independent shops and food options. Also the friendly, caring people.” – Nancy S.

“We love the little libraries too. But also love the sprinklers and Art Nite Out. It is great to be able to walk to all the fun things in the city.” – Heather W.

“We love our sweet town – so many things about it are unique, interesting, and small town in a lot of ways. Mostly though, what we love so much, is how our community comes together to care for each other when needed. We’re a lucky bunch, calling this place home.” – Shaw C.

silver creek“The location – fast to Denver, fast to Longmont and quick into Boulder!” – Kathryn J.

“Lafayette Flea Market!!!” – Caroline O.

“I love the small town, community centered fell. We’re conveniently located to city and mountain life. most people I’ve met have been super friendly. Overall, Lafayette is just a happy place to live.” – Madalmy Soap Company

“How it’s growing in such awesome ways! I love going over there!” – Shelley M.

“I love how alive downtown Lafayette is – great energy.” – Sruggles

odd13 brewing“Cannon mine coffee on a snowy day! And I love the Lafayette folks, past and present!” – Cindy O.

“The love and support our community gives to its kids and it’s the perfect place to ride my horse! Great views and sunshine.” – Victoria M.

“I love all of the great new restaurants, breweries, and tap houses that are bringing such a cool new vibe to downtown Lafayette!” – Drew S.

“The Art Walk!” – Micha H.

“I love that people who are on walks, riding bikes or shopping say hello to one another. Its a small town quality that I remember from growing up in Iowa. It is what most about our small’ish town! #WeLoveLafayette” – Leanne G.

“I love the peace and quite, the natural beauty of Lafayette, the friendliness of the people, and of course Liquid Mechanics.” – Eric A.

“I love how neighborly it is. Folks really step up with a kind word or offer of help, even for strangers. The people here are good people.” – Amy U.
“The adorable growing community, delicious restaurants and beautiful views/trails. Love love love Coal Creek Trail.” – Nicole C.

“I love Lafayette’s arts presence and community- how you always see people you know at every event.” – Kim M.

“Love the sense of community here. People paying it forward on a regular basis and going out of their way to help each other out.” – Shanna T.

Let us know what you LOVE about Lafayette to be added to the list!

lafayette co

Lafayette CO

Click to read about the connected community events and artistic endeavors… 

waneka lake

Waneka Lake

Waneka Lake is just one of fun places in Boulder County. Click here for fun summer ideas to do at this amazing lake. 

95a Bistro

95a Bistro and Sushi

95a Bistro and Sushi located in Lafayette offers amazing food and great service. Click to read! 

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We Love Longmont

We Love Longmont

we love longmontThank you to everyone who told us what they love about Longmont Colorado! Longmont is a great city that offers something for everyone. We gathered what people had to say about Longmont so that you can have more ease in choosing where you want to live. If you want to add something, comment below and we’ll add it.

“I would have to say I am loving the new mall. I grew up in the old mall. So I had a bunch of mixed emotions seeing it go down. However, I also grew up in California and love that the new mall has an outdoor Cali feel. The fire pit, and playground makes it great for all ages. My family has already begun to make unforgettable memories there from my kiddos’ first movie (Trolls) to meeting Santa. Thanks Longmont! Keep growing!” – Kari C.

“I love all the painted boxes, art installations, light pole decorations, there’s so many creative things to look at everywhere.” – Leanne M.

“I Love Longmont!” – Jose A.

we love longmontThe sense of community, the sunsets over the Rocky Mountains, and all the tress! – Mindy O.

“The parks all around Longmont are very cool. Great for the kids, specially the one by fall river with the water park.” – Karla S.

“I grew up in Longmont. It’s where my best memories are. Roller City was a favorite place to go be a kid.” – Brandi P.

“I’m a shut in so my favorite thing about Longmont is Nextlight fiber optic internet. Super fast speeds and a locked in low price.” – Lewis T.

“The trees.” – Marci W.

longmont city guide

Longmont CO

Click to read about Longmont Colorado. It’s the new BOOM town on the Front Range! 

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We Love Boulder Colorado

We Love Boulder Colorado!

We love Boulder and so does everyone else! A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and gave us your opinion on what you love about this wonderful city. Here you can read what people are saying about Boulder. If you want your input added, let us know! The more the merrier.


“Everyone has a down jacket in their closet.” – Molly S.

“The food. I love the variety. ” –Kaye K.

“The weather, the people, the beauty, the food–everything!” – Kathmsull

“The gorgeous weather.” – Megan 

“The flatirons are gorgeous.” – Cole A.


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boulder co

Boulder CO

Click to read about the culture, eco-friendly environment of Boulder, Colorado. 

 Boulder Places

higher education in boulder

Higher Education in Boulder

The University of Colorado is known for their business and science departments. Click here for more information. 
dushanbe teahouse

Dushanbe Teahouse

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is known for their Chai Tea, stories, and the handmade building and decor. Click to hear the story!
pearl street mall

Pearl Street Mall

Click to see the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall with photos in the day and at night.
boulder colorado nordic club

Boulder Colorado Nordic Club

Click to read about the Boulder Colorado Nordic Club. They groom the trails so that the community can enjoy local cross country skiing.

We Love Boulder County

We Love Boulder County 

TrailRidge Realty loves Boulder County! Is that a surprise? We hope that you love it here as much as we do. Boulder County has so much to offer to Colorado. Here you will see all the updates on what people like you love about each city and micro-community in Boulder County. We have complied a list of what people who live and visit the cities love about each one. If you would like to give us your input on what you love about your city email There are also contests for each city you can enter for giving us your input. Keep an eye out for the new cities, they will be posted here.

Thank you to everyone who has given us their opinions on their cities and communities. We love to hear what everyone has to say.

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That’s My City

“That’s My City” the Why We Love Boulder theme song

Boulder, Colorado, February 9th 2015 — TrailRidge REALTORS love living life in Boulder County and want to share the fun with you this Valentine’s weekend! The goal of the project is to highlight the things we love most as residents and parents throughout beautiful Boulder County. This passion inspired the creation of Boulder’s new theme song, “That’s My City!”


This project started with a dream in fall of 2014 when Leanne Goff had a vision to create a theme song that resonated with the beauty and fun that Boulder shares with its citizens and especially families. The singers that Leanne was looking for needed to be full of the joy that permeates our community, especially through the eyes of children.


The answer was clear – Jeff and Paige! They are famous in Boulder for their fun-loving perspective and environmentally conscious songs geared towards children. When Leanne contacted Jeff and Paige she found that they had always had it in the back of their minds to do a theme song for Boulder and now they had a reason to make it happen!


With a song in place the newly formed team needed a videographer to transform the melody into pictures. The goal was to embody the energy of Jeff and Paige with the essence of Boulder’s beauty. Michael Travers, owner of hbar films, took the job to heart when creating the visuals. As a CU graduate Michael has a long-term love with our community and intimate knowledge about why we all love Boulder.


Together this team of artists, videographers, musicians and visionaries came to the table with ideas on what they wanted to feature about life in Boulder Colorado. Everyone was in agreement that the video should focus on the local farms in our community including the farmers’ market, athletics and yoga as well as the Pearl Street pedestrian mall.


The first stop for the crew was to Sunbeam Farms. This was one of their favorite days because the entire crew loves what this local CSA stands for. Their philosophy is that locally grown is healthy for the body and soul. Complementing the local farm, the second shoot was at the Boulder Farmers Market where many of the vendors and even City Council Member George Karakehian made an appearance!


After the shoot at the Farmer’s Market, the band of artists were invited to the grand opening week of The Mama’Hood Yoga Studio in Boulder. Children and their parents came out for an afternoon of play and yoga with Jeff and Paige. There was kirtan and chanting with the children as well as playful poses that kept everyone giggling.


A video about Boulder would only be complete with a winter shoot in the North Boulder Park while people passing by were Nordic skiing. It was a day when everyone played in the snow, had snowball fights and generally carried on while people sailed past with their cross country skis.


After the winter snows with the warming temperatures of spring, the film crew along with Jeff and Paige went to the Pearl Street Mall. This section of the video features the Tebo Train as well as the Dushanbe Teahouse. Getting Jeff and Paige onto the Tebo Train was one of Leanne’s biggest goals for the shoot. This kid-friendly activity cruises up and down the pedestrian mall through the warmer months and is super fun for kids of all ages. (As you can see, Leanne is a big kid at heart!)


Being the cornerstone of our community, the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) is highlighted in the film. There are beautiful architectural shots of campus, as well as images of where big kids play in research lab! Along with the higher education studies comes the school spirit as well. With the blessing of Associate Athletic Directors David Plati and Lance Carl as well as well as CU’s Athletic Director Rick George permission was granted for a very special appearance in the video from one undeniable CU Super Star in our community!


To find out who the special guest is and to experience the video as a whole, you will need to either RSVP to the premiere party that is being held at the Boedecker Theater in the Dairy, or check out the video online. The release date is just in time for Valentine’s Day this Saturday February 13th at Please share the love by liking the video with a thumbs up on YouTube or passing it along to your friends.


Photos that show Why We Love Boulder!

“Why We Love Boulder!”

why-we-love-boulder-video-socialboulder co

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city of boulder fun

Boulder Fun

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boulder co

Boulder CO

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Why We Love Boulder at Sunbeam Farms

Why We Love Boulder at Sunbeam Farms

Click to watch a video highlighting what we love about local farms in Boulder! This film is a short out-take from the larger, full length music video. 

Why We Love the Boulder Farmers Market

Why We Love the Boulder Farmer's Market

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Why We Love Boulder at Mama'Hood Yoga

Why We Love Boulder at Mama'Hood Yoga

Click to watch a video about The Mama’Hood, a yoga student for parents and children in Boulder!

boulder county

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