Sunbeam Farm Dinners 2018

Join us for a Farm Dinner!

Leanne, Drew and many of your favorite TrailRidge REALTORS will be attending one or more of the farm dinners listed below. These are annual summer events that we look forward to so very much because of the atmosphere, quality of food and friends by our side.

Sunbeam Farms is such a special, local farm off of Cherryvale between Arapahoe and Baseline. The dinner is set in the farm itself under an awning to help with incliment weather, if it happens. It also helps to keep the sun off of you if its very warm. The table is always set with fresh flowers from the garden in a communal style so that you get to know your neighbors.

The food is absolutely divine! The chef uses many items from the farm itself or other local growers. You can feel assured that all of your most healthful and hopeful dreams for food preparation will be taken care of and it will all be delicious.

Here is information on how you can join in on the fun this year:

Message from Farmer Dennis: 

Hello Sunbeams,

We hope you are having a great summer. We are happy to extend to you an invitation to join us on the Farm at one of our Farm-to-Table Dinners! Chef Juliette is back and will be making some incredible food. We hope to see you there!

Attached is a jpg of the menus. The dates of the Dinners are 8/25, 9/8, 9/22. BYOB. $50/person. Payment reserves your seat. Space is limited.

Pay by dropping cash or a check to the Farm Stand. Or, pay via PayPal to this email address ( Please select “personal payment”

– – – – – – – – – –

Also, Palisade Peaches are IN. We have amazing Peaches for sale at the Farm Stand at only $3/lb!! Tree-ripened, no pesticides. So sweet and ready to eat. Get them while they are here!

We will have fresh vegetables daily starting this week at the Farm Stand. So stop by for incredible eggs and delicious local produce grown with love for YOU.

Thank you as always!

Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

 Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

The Lafayette Farmer’s Market is in full swing at its new location next to the Lafayette Florist on the Public Road. This new venue offers a more centralized location that has great access to the many surrounding businesses and restaurants.

  • Thursdays throughout the summer (June -September )
  • 4-8pm

This year the market is being hosted by the Boulder County Farmer’s Markets.  The great thing about the Boulder County Farmers Markets being the host is that they know how to turn a market into a community event!

The Lafayette market is more of an event then just simply a farmer’s market because it has food vendors and so much more! There are booths dedicated to fruits, vegetables & plants, as would be expected at any farmer’s market. However, at this market we see meat vendors as well as prepared foods being sold. We particularly enjoy the whipped honey with lemon rind, salad dressings, hot sauces and salsa available for sale.  Don’t forget to stop by and get a melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookie from the Campfire Bakery!

At the back of the Lafayette farmer’s market the BCFM organization has smartly included a beer garden! This comes complete with food trucks and music. You can sit down to listen to some relaxing, home grown music while eating dinner and sharing a brew with friends.  We hope that the Lafayette Farmer’s market thrives in our community.

To help ensure that this great summer activity is successful community members have the opportunity to become ‘Founding Members.’ To become a founding member costs $55 per person, which is divided among the vendors to help ensure that they meet their minimums. In return, the market provides founding members with weekly deals and incentives. 

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Pictures of Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market


boulder farmers market

Boulder Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing art. Click to see pictures.  

Sunbeam Farms CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO has an abundant selection of crops and also provides farm-to-table dinners. Click to watch a video of this farm in action!

odd13 brewing

Odd13 Brewing

Odd13 Brewing is a local craft brewery located in the up and coming area of Old Town Lafayette Colorado. Click here for more on the atmosphere and and artwork. 

east simpson coffee

East Simpson Coffee Company

The East Simpson Coffee Company has the perfect combination of great coffee and an artistic vibe. Click to read! 

Boulder Farmers Market

Boulder Farmers Market

boulder farmers market

The Boulder Farmers Market takes place on 13th street between Canyon and Arapahoe in downtown Boulder. This is the perfect place for you to get the family out on a nice summer day, get fresh produce, have have fun. Local farmers, artists, and musicians set a booth to sell their product.  Most booths offer free samples; walking through you’ll able to try organic chocolate, a variety of cheeses, honey, and much more. The Boulder farmers market offers Colorado-grown fresh food every time you visit. Not only does this amazing farmers market offer great food, they have fun entertainment and is a hot spot for local art, music, and family activities. At the market food court you will be able to listen to local acoustic musicians. Local artists will be selling their art beside the food the farmers are selling.  

The Boulder Farmers Market runs Starting April 4 – November 28 on Saturdays from 8am-2pm. Starting May 6 – October 7 on Wednesdays from 4-8pm. Stop by and stay for a while to see what all the buzz is about.

And remember, the City of Boulder’s philosophy about shopping local extends throughout the neighboring communities in all of Boulder County and beyond! Here are some other markets to consider trying out:

  1. Lafayette Farmer’s Market
  2. Longmont Farmer’s Market
  3. Louisville Farmer’s Market 

Boulder Farmers Market Pictures

Click here for more pictures and follow us on social media!

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red wagon farm

Red Wagon Farm

Red Wagon Farm supplies organic vegetables, fruits and meats through their CSA program. Click to see a video of how this farm operates. 


Boulder Farmers Market Map

boulder co

Boulder CO

Click to read about the culture, eco-friendly environment of Boulder, Colorado. 

pearl street mall

Pearl Street Mall

Click to see the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall with photos in the day and at night.

athletics and outdoors

Athletics and the Outdoors

The athletics and outdoors in Boulder County are amazing. Click to see what all there is and more!

baseline lake boulder co

Baseline Lake

Click to see the houses that have a Boulder address with private access to Baseline Lake!

marshall mesa trail

Marshall Mesa Trail

This trail is great for a moderate hike with your dog or horse and even if you bike it. Click to read more. 

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO is located off of Cherryvale Road. It offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of veggies and eggs as well as a farm stand for people who stop by. A couple of times per year they will also offer a farm-to-table dinner! We are currently supporters of this CSA. We love them because they produce wonderful produce and the owners, Dennis and Melanie Kline, are such wonderful, welcoming people.

We were first introduced to Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO through one of their farm-to-table dinners. The dinner was held at the farm under an awning that protected us from the sun. We ate on picnic tables that were pushed together and then covered with a pretty white cloth. The cups for water were mason jars, which were also used to hold the flower arrangements that decorated the tables. Of course the flowers were from their garden, as well as the food we were about to eat! The food at the Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO farm-to-table dinner was excellent! Most of the produce was sourced from their gardens. There were items that needed to be brought in from other farms, too. Everything came from local resources, even the meat.

We had a guest chef who before each plate told us about his vision for each dish and explained each ingredient. We brought some friends to the dinner with us and it was such a nice experience to be able to share together. It was also very nice because we were able to get to know the Klines more intimately as they welcomed us onto their land to show us the fruits (and veggies) produced from their labor of love.

sunbeam boulder co

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Pictures of Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO


boulder farmers market

Boulder Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing art. Click to see pictures.  

blackbelly market

Blackbelly Market

Blackbelly Market is the latest brainchild of Chef Hosea. Click to see how he brings slow food to Boulder’s restaurant scene blending class with comfort.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Click to read about Sur La Table Boulder. It is a cooking store which also offers cooking classes in the back! 

vapor distillery

Vapor Distillery

Click to read about the Vapor Distillery. It has all the character and friendliness we expect from Boulder County and has amazing pumpkinogg!

Red Wagon Farm Boulder CO

Red Wagon Farm

Red Wagon Farm is a large farm that produces great deals of produce for the Boulder Community. Their vegetables and meat can be purchased at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and surrounding locations, as well as through their CSA, community supported agriculture. We have enjoyed being a part of the Red Wagon Farm CSA. Their quality of produce was exceptional all year long. They also provide an extensive selection of veggies. We found ourselves googling to find out what the produce was that we received and to find out how to cook it! We always ended up pleasantly surprised. They also offer additional services like a CSA for meat. There was pork and chicken to order on approximately a bi-monthly basis. The meat was exceptional quality, locally produced and the beef was grass fed. It was delicious. At the beginning and end of the season they invited us for a farm tour! It was very special to be able to tour the farm and see where the yummy vegetables we had been eating all season were grown.

Photos of Red Wagon Farm

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sunbeam farm

Sunbeam Farm

Sunbeam Farms is dedicated producing locally grown vegetables through their CSA program. Click to watch a video about one of their farm-to-table dinners!

Map of Red Wagon Farm

City of Boulder Neighborhood Guide 

holiday neighborhood

Holiday Neighborhood

Click to read about the goals of the North Boulder Holiday Neighborhood emphasizing sustainability’s “three E’s.”
northfield commons boulder co

Northfield Commons

Click to see the new construction within the city limits of Boulder! Excellent access to trails and town.
baseline lake boulder co

Baseline Lake

Click to see the houses that have a Boulder address with private access to Baseline Lake!
newlands co

The Newlands

Walking distance to the foothills hiking trails and to Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder! Click to read more about the Newlands.