Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics September 2015

Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics September 2015

I am sure many of you have heard of how crazy our market is, with low inventory and high demand prices are steadily increasing. However, one misconception is that every home that goes on the market will sell.

The overall sales volume is relatively similar when comparing the current year with 2015. However, when we compare what happened quarterly there is a significant drop between 2014 and 2015 as can be seen in this chart…

Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics September

However, unlike earlier in the year the Buyers seem to have let go a bit. This is indicated in that our current market has about 1.9 month’s supply of inventory, which in March was just 1.7. That is a 72% increase the time it takes to absorb all inventory considering current demand in today’s market.

Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics September

Actually, there is a good percentage of properties that are not sold. There are many areas and price points throughout Boulder County that have seen a slowing in market demand. Inventory is still very low, it just appears like Buyers have letup on their demand.

So far this year, there have been a total of 3,318 new listings in Boulder County.  There have been 2,444 homes sold this year. That means that only 73% of homes that were listed sold.

With 27% of listings are not selling for several reasons. If a property is overpriced for the condition the home will end up sitting for too long, the sellers can become discouraged, and withdraw the listing. Even though our market is HOT and inventory is low, over priced listings are not selling!

We are seeing that this is especially true for certain areas and price points throughout the county. In general, if a Buyer requires a jumbo loan for the purchase of the property they will be more choosy with what they purchase. Certain geographic locations, especially when priced in the jumbo range, will feel this environment more acute.

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