Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics May 2015[ms-protect-content]

The number one thing the Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics May 2015 needs is inventory! Inventory is defined as all the properties currently in the market for sale and it is at an all time low. In the County of Boulder inventory is just 40% of the 5 year average. And in the cities of Lafayette and Louisville there is just 20% of the 5 year average! Sellers are dominating this market as they have what the Buyers want. We are regularly seeing prices ratchet up above list price quite significantly with bids being place in the City of Boulder upwards of $50-$60,000 above asking price! In the Eastern pats of the county there is still the same trend with competing offers driving up the price however, that could be as little as a few thousand above asking price to $25-$30,000 above asking.

Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics May 2015 has the price going up and the affordability going down. The median sales price throughout the county is up 13.8% year over year. The days on market is down overall by about 8%. One bit of good news is that interest rates don’t seem to be taking the hike up that we expected this summer. The weaker than expected economy is keeping the interest rates down. What that means for the Buyers is that even despite the lack of inventory and raising prices now is still a good time to buy. Keep on trying is the name of the game! Don’t give up just get with an agent who has strategies for making your offer the most inciting in a competitive situation. Interest rates are still low and the prices are definitely on the rise! Waiting until next month means that what you have to choose from is just that much pricier!

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