Eldora Skiing

eldora skiing
Eldora Mountain Resort is the secret gem for Winter Sports in Boulder’s very own back yard. The reason residents of Boulder County feel that way are numerous! First, the hill is incredibly easy to access. Secondly, there are only locals on the mountain. Thirdly, if you want to teach a kid to ski – this is the place! I don’t know if you have ever attempted to leave Denver heading West on I-70 on Friday or Saturday. If you have, you know that it is a bottleneck into the mountains as everyone is trying to access the big ski resorts that line the interstate. It is literally brain damage… and lung damage from inhaling everyone’s car exhaust. Well that is not the case at Eldora! Boulder residents casually and with very little traffic drive up Canyon Road past Nederland and to the Eldora Mountain Resort. The entire ride takes about 35-40 minutes, and that is from Lafayette to Eldora. Boulder residents need even less time. Compared to the traffic jam on I-70, which could take hours on end, it is quite a treat to go to Eldora! The second big benefit of going to Eldora is that everyone on the hill is a local. This is quite a treat when riding on a chair lift because the people next to you may be residents of your Boulder town, and if not pretty close by. This is quite a difference from the big mountains off of I-70 where people fly in from all over the nation and the world to ski. My favorite is when someone from Texas, or Florida (where there is no snow) is trying on skis for the first time at one of the big mountains. They come careening out of control down the hill and CABLAM! You are toast. This is unlikely to happen at Eldora… that is, unless it’s a child who is just learning the rules of the snow! That is the final and best thing about skiing Eldora – the KIDS! Look around while waiting in the (very short) lines for a chair and you will see numerous families coaching their youngsters on how to be cautious while getting on the lift. These kids are incredible too. They are fearless little creatures who crave the fun and excitement of the mountain! If you have a kid and want to bring them to a low-key casual hill where you can keep an eye on them, Eldora is the spot! Indeed they have some of the best, most affordable ski lessons around as well. There are Eldorables, which are sessions held during the week. These are generally half day lessons and get great feedback from the parents who attend. We took our kid to the weekend classes which start at 9:00am and end at 2:00 in the afternoon. Our child LOVED her teacher and had a blast in the class! This 6 week session really developed her basis of skills and turned her into a little SHREDDER! THANK YOU ELDORA!

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Boulder Colorado Nordic Club

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eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing eldora skiing






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Eldora Mountain Resort

Eldora Mountain Resort is the secret gem for Winter Sports in Boulder’s very own back yard. The hill is incredibly easy to access (no traffice!). Plus, there are only locals on the mountain.And if you want to teach a kid to ski – this is the place! Read more here: https://wp.me/P6bcmt-4k5

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