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cu boulderThe higher education in Boulder Colorado is amazing and one of a kind. The University of Colorado Boulder, also known as CU Boulder, is known for their business and science departments. Many of the physics professors have received Nobel prizes in their studies. Classes from the higher education in Boulder are hands-on learning with a huge research facility. The student body in 2015 reached over 30 thousand students with an 18:1 student to faculty ratio. They rank in the top 10 for ceramics, geology, aerospace engineering, environmental law, and much more.

The Campus Life

The campus of CU Boulder is breath takingly beautiful, with views of the Rocky Mountains in every location. The buildings are constructed to fit in with the environment, and are not too tall to block your view of nature. The community living on and around campus are very eco-friendly. Wherever you go, inside or out, there will be trash cans labeled with what is acceptable to put in. The campus is maintained very well and the dorms are perfect for an incoming freshman. When walking around campus, watch where you are walking. Students like to ride their bikes to class which causes some chaos. There are clearly marked pathways for people walking and biking.

Students and Community

The students that attend come from all over the world. Each person you meet, student or staff, will be as unique as the next one. You never know who you are going to meet in class and on campus. People are very friendly and will make it a priority to say hi. The businesses surrounding the campus are mainly small business that were made for Boulder CO. Boulder CO is a very active community. When students are not in class or studying they will be up on the mountain skiing, or hiking the amazing trails offered. There are over 100 clubs and activities for the students to participate and get to know their classmates.


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boulder co

Boulder CO

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Pictures of Higher Education in Boulder – University of Colorado


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Boulder County Arts and Events

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Settlers Park

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Dushanbe Teahouse

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 Education in Boulder County 

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School Rankings

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Partners in Education

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Higher Education in Boulder
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The higher education in Boulder is amazing. The University of Colorado is known for their business and science departments. Click here for more information.
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