Eric Olson Master Jeweler

eric olson master jewelerEric Olson Master Jeweler is small jewelry store in Louisville, Colorado that offers beautiful hand-crafted jewelry. Eric Olson is the owner of the store and works on each masterpiece personally. He has a wide range of skill, starting at crafting from the start, to being able to repair almost anything. He is able to take two pieces of jewelry and put them together as one and restore their original beauty. While you are waiting in the shop, he offers free services, some of which include: ultra sonic and steam cleaning, ionic cleaning, and inspect and diagnose repairs. His Master Jeweler exam requires approximately 40 hours to complete. Each process to complete a different task takes skill and time, two things Eric Olson has.

The store has a very welcoming feeling. There is the front desk that is displaying some of his seasonal pieces. The store has chairs spread throughout, for those who need it. They offer refreshments that fit the season. He has restored an old piano and turned it into another display case. Any where you look in this small, yet elegant, store you will see beautiful jewelry. Be careful though, because once you see his art and master pieces you’re going to want to buy something!

My Story

eric olson master jewelerI went into the shop with my mom when Louisville was having a street and art fair. We saw the Eric Olson front store and wanted to go in to browse and window shop a little. I had told my mom that this necklace with mountains was so beautiful. This piece stood out to me and was calling my name. I wanted it, but couldn’t afford it. 6 months later it was my 18th birthday, and my mom’s gift was breathtaking. She went back to Eric Olson and asked him to do a special request with the necklace I loved. She had my birthstone gem and a diamond from her wedding ring put into the mountains of the necklace. When I saw the necklace, I immediately knew where it was from and was so happy. The work Eric Olson did on that necklace was outstanding. I never knew what craftsmanship it takes to create something so beautiful.

The next day I went into Eric Olson Master Jeweler to thank him for his work. He was genuinely grateful for my thanks and so much more. Eric is such a nice person and is willing to do so much to make others happy. His store tells only a small story of this man’s life. If you decide to take a trip to the store, make sure you take some time and talk to Eric, get to know him a little. He is awesome.

The Eric Olson Master Jeweler store is one of kind with a personal feel. I suggest taking a trip down and see what I’m taking about.

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