Leanne Goff and Jessie Thompson are working together with the Boulder Valley School District and the Parent Engagement Network to host the premiere of this documentary, Beyond Measure. From the creators of Race to Nowhere, Vicki Abeles continues to challenge parents to become involved in their children’s educational experiences and decide if a change should be implemented in a positive manner.

Jessie Thompson and Leanne Goff both feel passionately about education, which is why they have chosen to support this activity with BVSD. Their passion stems from being parents themselves. It is also from their understanding that a quality education can offer opportunities in a child’s future. With a strong foundation we can help maximize the potential for young people securing an abundant and safe future for our communities.

Buy tickets using this link for the December 4th showing at Platt Middle School (6pm – childcare available)

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Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade

Magic and whimsy abound with this special event that ushers spring into Boulder. 
Meadow Music with Jeff and Paige

Meadow Music with Jeff and Paige

The most fun you can have for FREE with your children through the summer… and its educational, too! 

Little Free Libraries!

Click for a map of the Little Free Libraries we have found in Boulder – photos too!  

School Rankings

Online resources for local area schools including local and private institutions.
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