8 Places to Cool Off For the Rest of Summer

Places to Cool OffIt is no surprise that Boulder County is full of places to enjoy the great outdoors, or at least it shouldn’t be! But what about those hot summer days when the last thing you want to do is bake in the sun? August and September sun in Colorado can be surprisingly strong, affecting your favorite outdoor activities if you aren’t careful. So where should you go when the temperatures stay strong in late summer? We went on a mission to find the best places to cool off in the county to save you the headache. Whether you are looking for places to get out and enjoy the last few weeks as a family, with friends, or even on your own, you will want to hang onto this list for the next few weeks! There are plenty of places to cool off and enjoy a variety of activities no matter what your summer style is!

8 Places to Cool Off in Boulder County:

Sweet Cow Creamery

No explanation needed, unless you are new to Boulder County! This popular creamery offers some of the best and most unique ice cream in the state. There will undoubtedly be a line out the door, but the wait is totally worth it! The Raspberry Oreo and Dutch Chocolate flavors are our current favorites!

Boulder Reservoir

Tucked conveniently between Boulder and Longmont, you will find the wonder that is Boulder Reservoir. The sandy beaches and vacation feel will have you believing you are thousands of miles from home. There is plenty of fun to be had here for the entire family, too, so bring the whole clan!

Avery Brewing Company

It may sound like a bit of an unconventional place to cool off, but who are we kidding? We LOVE Colorado brews! And what better time to enjoy a cold one than on a hot summer day? You can soak in the sunshine outdoors here or stay tucked inside where it’s nice and cool. Either way, you won’t regret spending the afternoon here!

Pop Jet Fountain on Pearl Street

These jet fountains are always a hit with the kiddos, and for good reason! The opportunity to cool off, have fun, and burn off some built-up energy? That’s a win for the entire family! Plus, you can spend some time shopping on Pearl Street with the fountain as the reward at the end of the day. Tantrum-free shopping? Count us in!

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek is one of the most fun places to cool off in all of Boulder County. You can bring a tube up the creek and float down or simply hang out on the shore. We love to grab some tasty food from nearby restaurants or Alfalfa’s and enjoy it creekside!

Sunshine Shaved Ice

If ice cream isn’t your thing, or you are simply looking to mix up your summer treats, shaved ice is the way to go! It offers all of the refreshing feelings of ice cream without the richness. We like to get some after an active morning… it is the perfect way to cool down after a busy summer day!

Hiking at Brainard Lake Recreation Area

If the summer heat has kept you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activity, head to Brainard Lake Recreation Area. The higher altitude allows you to get out and breathe in the fresh mountain air without the temperature getting too terribly hot. It’s hard to believe this beautiful area is so close to home!

Waneka Lake

You already know Waneka Lake is one of our favorite spots in Boulder County. You can spend the entire day playing here, with both land and water activities to choose from. Pack a picnic, and plenty of water!, and spend the entire day having fun here.

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