441 King Street Buyers Donate

441 king street buyer's donation

The buyers of 441 King Street know how important is for schools to reach their fundraising goals. Each school has a plan with what they raise and they want to make sure they succeed at it. Because of this they used their non-profit donation from the close of a real estate transaction for two different schools! They put half their donation towards the Angevine Middle School Check Writing Campaign and the other half for the Ryan Elementary Fun Run.

The Ryan Elementary PTA has a goal of $35,000 to raise this year. One of the ways they are doing this is through the Fun Run. This activity gives opportunity to highlight local community partners, like us! So not only were they support their local schools, but TrailRidge REALTORS as well!

The Angevine Middle School Check Writing Campaign is exactly what you think it is. They are trying to raise $30,000 this year through checks of the student’s family. That’s only $48 person family. But sometimes we all need a little help. Because of this the buyers of 441 King Street decided to help out.

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