2016 Tie-Dye Party!

tie dye partyLeanne Goff from TrailRidge Realty and Jessie Thompson from Premier Mortgage had their Tie-Dye party this Saturday. It was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out to join us. For the ones who did come, you will be sent a picture of your kids holding up their master pieces. We loved seeing everyone having fun and getting messy! As we all know by now, tie-dying can get very messy, but it all comes off! Plus, the mess is worth the art that comes from it. We all hope you and your kids love what you made and will wear them around town in the next week. The team would love to see everyone wearing their tie-dyes to see how they all came out.
Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it this year, there is always next year. But for those who do not know, this tie-dye party was to raise money for the local elementary PTOs and PTAs. As you got your shirt, it was recommended, but not required, to donate $10 per shirt you dyed. For each donation you got to chose which school it went to. The choices were the Douglass Elementary PTO and the Lafayette Elementary PTA. The winner was Douglass with $340. Thank you for all the donations.

indian peaks lafayette coOne of TrailRidge Realty’s top priority is to make sure the small businesses and schools in our area are being successful. If you have a child in Elementary then you probably hear a lot about your PTOs and how they need help to make sure they can provide the best services for the school. The biggest way they are able to do that is by donations. Fundraisers like this tie-dye party is a great way to raise money because it is so much fun!

Please contact Leanne Goff at leanne@trailridge.co or her assistant, Heather Neises, at assistant@trailridge.co with any questions about receiving your picture in the mail. Please keep in mind that you should receive them in a week or so.

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lafayette co

Lafayette CO

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Photos of the Tie-Dye Party

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